Quitters Gonna Quit

PUAHate.com is a funny site.  Its where all the reject losers of PU go to whine and cry.  A lot of guys on there are quite tech savvy and like to feel better about themselves by attacking the people who actually succeed.  Its worth reading for the LULs but if you have bad inner game issues and if you aren’t already normal in the head, please avoid that site; it can fuck with you mentally.  You might end up in a really negative place.  But anyways, I come across threads like this.

Dude opens 50 sets and then proclaims that PU doesn’t work  (Btw, the dude needs to also take a spelling and grammar bootcamp).  Are you fucking kidding me?  50 sets = 1 weekend of practice.  Do you get good at anything over 1 weekend?  Its like a dude getting his ass kicked at his first week of karate class and then concludes its not possible to learn martial arts.  Good, keep it that way.  I’m glad that the failure rate is 95% as it currently stands; better for me and better for the guys who are actually committed.  If you’re going to commit, fucking follow through.  If you are going to creep out some girls, might as well keep going till you become good enough that girls actually enjoy your presence.  Its your way of paying back.  Seriously, PU is literally a fresh batch of newbies every 3 months, they quit after failing and then they’re replaced by a new set of newbs every 3 months.

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