So you want to get training but you don’t have money.  Maybe its because you’re a poor college kid.  Maybe its because all those dinner dates with girls are getting too expensive.  Maybe you spent a hundred grand on an exotic car to impress girls but you got no game.

Whatever the reason, have no fear!  I am offering ways for you to get free money or free training.  If you know a lot of people who are interested in pickup training, it would be very little work on your end.

For every person you refer::

  • I pay you 10% of the cost of a Vegas bootcamp. (Usually around $100)
You must email me: Squattincassanova @ before the person applies to training and the other person must list you under the referral section on the application form (so remind them to put down your name).
Below is the training application form:
Additional ways to earn free training.

If you are tech savvy but you don’t know a lot of people, you can also earn free training.  If you can generate 3000 additional subscribers OR an additional 500,000 channel views within a 2 month time frame,  you just earned yourself free training.
  • Must be in addition to current/existing YouTube trending and growth.
  • Prior to starting, you need to Skype / email me your game plan.
  • Every week you must provide status updates on what was done and also metrics to measure the growth.
  • If criteria is not met, you will get a discount on training based on the ratio of actual results vs. target.
Email me Squattincassanova @ if you are seriously interested.  This task will require you to know about SEO, internet marketing, ability to post on forums and other social media outlets.  I will not be micromanaging or babysitting you.
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