Survived Yellowstone

Survived Yellowstone

After I wake up, we are heading to Glacier National Park, our second stop.  We spent two days in Yellowstone and got a lot of great pictures.  I got within 5 feet of a Bison and the bastard charged at me.  I almost died.  True story.  I even got it on video too.

A lot of my pickup friends have gotten into photography… DJ Fuji, El Topo, RSD Alex, Sexual Chocolate, and I think Adam Lyons is working on making his own short films.  I guess I was always artistic; I used to draw a lot when I was a kid.  Perhaps it’s because before pickup, we never did anything cool or had a social life.  Now, we are in a sense compensating and feel the need to document everything.  I will write more on how you can utilize photography with pickup at a later time but now, enjoy some pictures that I took.

Grand Prismatic Spring

Road stop to Old Faithful Geyser

Near Old Faithful

Lamar Valley

More of Lamar Valley

And of course, a troll picture

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