Take Your Girl to This Show And You Will Get Laid

Take Your Girl to This Show And You Will Get Laid

Actually I take that back.  For you to take a girl to see this show, it probably shouldn’t be a first date sort of thing.  She should probably be some girl you actually really like and hopefully someone you already closed before because the tickets are between 50 to 120 dollars.  The show is Zumanity.

My roommate (former student) was going away to Chicago to be a residency doctor so me, my girl, and my roommate went to see this show.  Holy fuark this was probably the most epic and sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s the only Cirque Du Soleil show with nudity.  Most of the girls are topless in their acrobatic performances.  There were a lot of sexual humor as well as sexual themed dances and music.   The show just sets the mood for later.  I don’t get paid for advertising this; I just wanted to share because it was so amazing.

Look, shes wearing tits… and that dude is wearing a flower!




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