Last weekend, a girl came to visit me from Seattle.  She was still in college and booked the plane ticket with her own money.  I am thinking to my self, fuarkkk what a stud I am for a girl to pay her own ticket while being a broke ass college student.

I had opened this set way back in July 2011, nearly two years ago when I was in Seattle.  This was 6 months into PU and I had gotten a D2 LR with her.  Between then and now, she had gotten a boyfriend.  Of course through these two years, I kept in touch with her.  Maybe every 2-3 months I would give her a call and it was always a good time.  I was that aloof, fun, non-needy guy who lived in Cali.  I guess her bf was on her computer one day and saw my FB message.  She had asked me what I was doing and being the typical trolling self, I told her I was naked.  Long story short, her bf demanded her to block me on Facebook.  She complied, I was put on block.  But I still had her phone number!

I had asked another girl to visit me in May and due to some recent family tragedies and cancer scare, the other girl flaked on me.  That other girl also lived in Seattle.  Since I already booked a hotel, I sent a few texts to different people to see if they took the bite and this girl took it.

People in the game have always told me about this.  Once a girl breaks up with you, she sure is going to spill the beans and talk a lot of shit about you while laying in bed with some other guy.  This had happened to me with the last three girls.  All three had controlling and clingy guys.  Sure enough, after sex, all the stuff  came out.  The girl’s stories about these dudes made you want to cringe.  I asked this girl what was the most number of times he has called her.  She said “Over 200 times in one day”.  She told me how he would randomly come over to her house uninvited and how he would check up on her Facebook.  I am a typical MISC detective and I have checked out the dude before.  It wasn’t like he was a total forever aloner.  He had 2000+ Facebook friends and he had a group of other girls who were always surrounding him.  This just shows that you can seem cool, have a big social circle, and still be chody as hell on the inside.  On a related story; my college roommate had sex with this girl across the hall in the dorms while she was dating this other guy who was popular, and the bf still cried and tried to get her to go back with him.  She said “when a guy cries in front of you, its sooo unattractive and when he repeatedly says I love you, its just disgusting”.

Once a girl cheats on you, its mother fucking DONE.  If you ask her to come back, she will lose even more respect for you and shes just going to do it again.  Whats my point?  Only cold approach will make a you a cold, icy, gangster.  People who keep saying “I’m going to work on social circle game, before cold approach game”, I tell you fuck that shit.  Do cold approach.  Eating rejections is what makes you a bad ass.  There is no ways around it and stop trying to take an easy way out, there is no easy way.

She kept telling me that shes has no feelings for him anymore, and shes only somewhat talking to him is to help him ease the pain.  I told her that if she kept talking to him, hes going to hold on to that hope and its going to keep linger on and make it worse.  I could empathize with what he is going through though.  I told her that I was just like that with my ex gf.  I had not become who I am now until my ex had fully blocked me via phone, email, Facebook, everything.  All glimmer of hope was gone.  I had no choice but to learn game and transform.  Everyone learns game when they are at a low point, everybody.

To be honest, 2.5 years into the game, I have fundamentally changed.  When you don’t think about it logically, its easy to think that I had been cool my whole life.  Psychologically, we assume our current identify as something we have had all along.  Take my physique for example, its easy to think I have always had this body… sure feels like it.  Obviously this is not true.  Thinking harder however, I realized, holy shit, I used to behave just like her recent ex boyfriend.  I used to call my gf repeatedly after she cheated on me.  I used to beg and guilt trip her into coming back.  When a relationship is about to break and you want to fix it, the best thing to do is to work on yourself and spend less time calling her.  You may be able to save a sinking boat or you may not; you won’t know for sure.  But by being needy is like putting gasoline on a burning ship and you just end up chasing her away like a cat.

Anyways, back to last weekend.  It is still a mind fuck.  The girl knows I’m a player but she didn’t care.  She came to LA to have fun, visit the beaches, take a bunch of pictures, and bang my brains out.  The body of a 20 year old is just unreal.  Its so damn tight and naturally toned.  When I had met her, she was 18!  She told me she was 21 at the time because we were outside of a bar.  I’m sure if the other dude found out, he would want to beat the shit out of me.  Although I empathize, I don’t feel bad.  There is something I noticed.  Some times it is hard for a girl to break away from a guy shes been with for awhile but no longer has any feelings for anymore.  My ex was like that too and it was a constant on and off.  How do they attempt to break it?  By doing something like sleeping with someone else.  To my readers, does this resonate with anyone else?  Its like an attempt for them to sever all ties and some times, it may even be with a random guy just to get it out of their system.  I have never seen physical escalation happen so damn fast in the hotel, my gawd.

But hey man, that’s life dude.  Like David DeAngelo said, “Attraction isn’t a Choice”.  Just be glad you’re still young and hopefully you learn all this stuff before you’re 40, middle aged, and locked down in a shitty marriage.

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