Toronto Eaton Mall PUA Bannings and Day Game Consequences

Is Eaton Center Mall In Toronto Great or Terrible For Pickup

Is Eaton Center Mall In Toronto Great or Terrible For Pickup

Most of you guys have seen this video.  The video is my first set of the day at Eaton Mall in Toronto.  The girl immediately asks if I was part of a group because 3 guys had previous approached her with a similar opener.  All of which failed to get her number which I did easily but that’s not the point of this post lol.

This was 2 months ago.  But since, the mall has gotten even worse when it comes to PUA running around rampant that security is now purposefully looking for guys approaching girls.  Here are some related links.

I want to share my perspectives because if guys keep doing this, they are going to ruin day game for all of us.

Day game is very different than night game.
There are things in game you want to learn like dominance, kino, physical escalation, hard teases. Practice and learn that shit in NIGHT GAME.

Day game is not night game. Its not a social environment where people are primed to talk. People are out and about in their own worlds doing random errands and not with the intentions of socializing to strangers.

Also, day game isn’t fueled by alcohol which means any type of weirdness and creepiness will be detected and picked up by the girl. You can get away with being somewhat weird if you have good energy level and you’re a lot of fun at night, but it is very noticeable during the day. All that weird gamey shit and routines that kind of work at night comes across creepy during the day.

The world is much smaller than you think.
When I started pickup, I used to think the world was my wonderland. There would be infinite number of sets and I would be totally anonymous. The world is MUCH MUCH smaller than you think. I have bumped into the same girls dozens of times. Lots of girls have seen my infield videos and called me out and I have never met them ever. I have met girls in one city and bumped into them in another city. If I have an infield footage of a girl without blurring their face, there is a 50% chance they will find out. Don’t forget I am in one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the United States. Los Angeles and Vegas are big fucking playgrounds. Even still, its pretty small. Keep in mind, the bigger the playground, the more other PUAs there are out there. Places like 3rd Street Promenade of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills Center Mall, Fashion Valley Mall of San Diego are all rampant with pickup dudes. With a trained eye, its so easy to spot.

The things you do have serious repercussions. The very reason of what makes day game awesome is that the approaches appear genuine and that its the first time in a long while the girl has been approached. A girl who has been approached during the day with failed attempts will feel much more awkward than if she got hit on poorly in a club because in a club, its expected.

If you’re the first person who approached her in a month, the interaction is likely going to be great (assuming you have skills). However, if she was approached poorly even just once that day… its going to negatively affect your interactions significantly.
Problems with in-field videos and glamorization of flash game and instant makeouts.
Two main reasons. Lots of videos on YouTube tell you that its okay to do whatever the fuck you want and just be in state. You see lots of videos where guys do anti-anxiety drills like dancing in public, or shouting in public, or doing ridiculous things. Learning pickup has lots of segments in which you acquire a skill by going the extreme, but once you learn it, you need to SCALE back. For example, people who run out of things to say will need to learn how to plow and be the never ending talker. But at at the certain stage, you need to actually scale back and talk less so the girl can start talking and invest. The same applies with dealing with anxiety. Doing too much anti-anxiety drills can make you become numb to social norms. When you do weird shit over and over and over… it becomes a habit and you become a weird dude. Doing these drills once you are able to manage anxiety and approach does not provide additional benefits and in fact will be more detrimental.

The last point is the glamorization of flash game. People think its sooooo cool to go up to a girl in the mall and start making out. That’s fucking weird and invasion of privacy. You can not force kino like that. It makes girls VERY uncomfortable. Now you might ask… “can you pull it off?”. The answer is YES, you CAN pull it off, but it will be a very small percentage of girls. Obviously you see instructor level guy doing infields where they are doing insta-makeouts. However, do you know how many girls they have creeped out BEFORE getting that select few footages and only uploading THOSE FEW footages on YouTube? And imagine if thousands of people watch that and attempt this, how quickly a mall can get blown out?

If the end game is to go on a day 2 with a girl, there really is no reason to try to makeout with her in the mall. What for? Its just fucking flash. Be normal, make a solid connection, set up a day 2 that favors you logistically and have it be in an environment that IS seducible.

The first barrier in pickup is eliminating anxiety. A percentage of men do that. However, there is a relatively large percentage of guys that are stuck in this plateau. They don’t get that much better at game and they don’t get better with calibration. As a result, they attempt to increase lay count by sheer volume and doing the numbers game. Essentially, they are running the same shit routine / style and getting conversions by pure brute force numbers. If you think about it, their game really isn’t getting any better. And if too many people run shitty numbers game…. you’re going to have a lot of pissed off women. Every girl has different levels of receptiveness. Some are down for instant makeouts, some aren’t. You must evaluate accordingly.

General guidelines with day game.

  • Open from behind, but once she turns around, you need to stop.  If you don’t stop, she won’t stop.  Continue to deliver your opener even if she is appearing to continue walking because she has to overcome some forward inertia.
  • If you can’t get her to stop, too bad.  You’re done.  Never follow a girl during day game.
  • If she says she has a boyfriend, don’t persist.  Say “Hes a lucky guy” and eject.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.  The less people around the more noticeable you are.  Pay attention to security guards, pay attention to hired guns who are staying outside of the store handing out freebies.  If you notice people staring at you for an extended amount of time, its time to move to another location.
  • It is tempting to open hired guns because they work there and they tend to be nicer.  However, because the fact they work there means they can’t walk away from you, which creates an awkward situation if it doesn’t go well.  Also because they are working there, you are likely to bump into them again and again in the future.
  • No crazy peacocking that makes you stand out but also don’t dress like a kiosk seller (typically black shirts).
  • Again, try to be “normal”.  Save the crazy shit for night game (my favorite).
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