Using Facebook for Background Check

A lot of times, even after getting the number, I will add her on Facebook just to check her out.  I was in Vegas and this set was just going way too fast, alarms were going off in my head.

Shes Asian and I only usually bump into Black and Latina hookers but could she be?  How could it be going this fast?  We were walking out of the club within 20 minutes.  Where are her friends?  Shes by herself.

We go up to the Cosmopolitan elevator and into my room.  There was just something that didn’t feel right.  I added her on the spot on Facebook.  She accepted via her Iphone.  I quickly go over her pictures, wall statuses, and her friends list.  We have one mutual friend in common.   He was a fellow engineer.  Whewwww.  Good to go.

If you’re getting the Facebook instead of the number close because you’re scared, then yes you’re beta.  But if you already have the phone number, feel free to add her on FB to get more information and also put your face in her memory.  You would be surprised, I have added girls on FB and they end up hitting me up.  Yes, you need to actively manage your FB page to have cool pictures and status updates and yes you need your FB pictures to help DHV yourself.

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