Video of the Week: Asian Club Girls are F***ing Annoying

Here is a compilation of bad sets.  I also go ahead and explain why these Asian girls are the way they are and how to collectively as a whole prevent this bad behavior from propagating.

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  1. Anonymous at 8:59 pm

    rewatching this video because i went out on a date with azn grl with white grl personality. shes white wash and i threw the kitchen sink at her in terms of game

  2. Anonymous at 11:18 pm

    Hey, that’s how it is, not just with Asians! Good to see you facing the same issues like other guys… Let me give you a piece of advice though: Don’t try hard if they call you out. Do the same to them! Why should you wanna try to turn it around when you can’t? Also, why would you wanna hook up with a socially retarded chick? She probably is a bad fuck either… lol. Add some more alpha traits in situations like these and laugh about it! Keep up the good work, dude!

  3. asianman at 3:14 am

    sasquatch casanova, good job man. for a long time, over the years, i thought i was the only one who encountered bitchy ass asian chicks. I have stories for days about being cockblocked by asian chicks when talking girls. you should do a asian girl cockblock video.

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