Video of the Week: Hollywood Pornstar Sets

As promised, here is the video!

Here is the summary.  Basically I am in the middle of a 2-set that a couple of guys in the industry tried to recruit but they end up failing.  One girl looked like she might be interested for the gig but the other girl heavily opposed.  Basically the guy wasn’t able to frame control her and instead, pissed her off even more.  Instead of reframing and addressing her morals and her beliefs, they just highlighted the money and the fact that the dude gets with a lot of girls.  It didn’t work obviously… she stormed away.

Some additional thoughts for the night.  A lot of these girls in Hollywood are straight up status and money seekers.  You absolutely have to DHV and make yourself be perceived as someone important, famous, or rich.  Seriously just straight up lie.  Who cares? Everyone in Hollywood is fake anyways (generalizing).  Can you win these sets with pure game?  Perhaps.  But you’re going to need a LOT of game because these girls aren’t in that mental head space when they are going out.

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  1. Anonymous at 12:41 am

    You came across as a complete phag in this vid, I was anticipating the moment you were gonna get on your knees and start sucking the black guy off.

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