Weekly In-Field Video – How to Pull A Girl In Vegas Who Doesn’t Like You

Lessons Learned When The Girl Doesn’t Want To Go Back With You

Lessons Learned When The Girl Doesn’t Want To Go Back With You

Here is the back story.  This was back in November 2012, right before Thanksgiving.  At the time i was not teaching yet so I was with a few of DJ Fuji’s students just kicking it in Vegas.

The downside of having a Pickup Blog is that girls who like you, inevitability start Googling you to know more about you.  Unfortunately, what they Google isn’t always what they want to see.  I kind of just tell girls I hookup with now what I do for my part time job so they know right away so there is no misalignment of expectations.  Anyways, I get a call from a girl that i liked who lived in Washington DC around midnight that night I was in the club.  She was yelling and screaming that I had blogged about her.  Oh well… that talk didn’t end very well and I didn’t salvage the relationship.  I had never felt so much of a state crash.  When random club girls talk shit, I usually just blow it off and laugh but when this happens to a girl who you really like, then of course you are going to be down.  I literally could not approach for an hour… not because I can’t but I just lost all drive.

Its funny how, I always end up pulling when I at my lowest.  Its weird how life always happens like that.  Anyways, 1am rolls around.  I gather my composure and start approaching.  Long and behold, its this girl.  I opened her the night before and I number closed her within 3 minutes.  Of course with Asian girls, her friend dragged her away.   Tonight, she was alone when I found her.  I’m making a separate post about how SOOOOO important logistics matter in Vegas.  If it weren’t for logistics, I would pull with a 90% success rate…  no joke.

So yeah, out of state, I open without much expectations.  I wasn’t even in the mind set of pulling.  I didn’t expect to pull this girl.  There was not much attraction other than the fact she was still sticking around.  The thing with pickup is that you never really know whats going to happen until it fucking happens.  Some times I have had sets where its sooo ON, and so hot…. then something happens and they get dragged away or some random shit prevents me from pulling.  And then there are sets like this.  Girl wont touch me, won’t kiss me, doesn’t show interest, yet I PULL!!  Its reference experience and plow habits that makes me keep pushing.  I push every set to the end just for the sake of seeing what happens.  Its kind of like playing a video game and you explore all the corners and cabinets just to see what random items may be lurking there.

Just like the video shows, I persisted.  I had three pull attempts and the last one worked.  People are scared of pulling but its one of the least scariest things to do.  If you tell a girl to go outside and get food with you.  Whats the worst thing that can happen?  Is she going to scream no and slap you on the face for asking her to get food?  NO!  The most she will do is politely say no.  In Vegas, I encourage you guys to attempt and pull every girl you talk to for more than 20 minutes.  Just do it on every set and make it a habit.

Anyways, back in the hotel, I had to run comfort game.  With Asian girls, its all about comfort.  Most aren’t like your typical independent White/Black/Latina girls.  The fact she came back to my room was already big step and she was a big girl.  Shes 5’7 and does cross fit.  Anyways, the next episode is where I go over the dialogue while inside the hotel.  I find out shes a very nice person and a very caring person.  She goes out of her way for all of her friends which I think some of her friends actually take advantage off.  This is why she has really big wall up for strangers.  But yeah, once she got to know me… shes a total sweetheart haha.  I actually gave her relationship advice!  I know I know, I’m such a nice guy.


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