Weekly In-Field Video – Self Amusement In Seattle

Self Amusement in Seattle

Self Amusement in Seattle

Was in Seattle for a week during the week of July 4th.  There are a few main places to sarge in Seattle.  Belltown, Westlake Mall, Capitol Hill, University of Washington, Bellevue Square, and maybe Greenlake or Gas Works Park.

Compared to Southern California, Seattle is pretty shitty and there aren’t large venues or many good looking girls.  The good thing is that men are much less aggressive there.

So back to the topic of the video.  I am constantly self amusing myself.  One of thing things I encourage every beginner to do is go out solo.  Its is a very powerful thing to do and it forces you to open and not rely on hanging out with your friends as a safety cushion.   One of the things I learned while going solo is to self amuse myself.  Call out things that are funny out loud.  Verbalize your thoughts.  Freely compliment random strangers and give out value without anything in return.  There will always be parts of the night that don’t include a lot of talking and amusing yourself is a great way to keep your state as high as possible between lulls.  It is a great way to keep yourself from being in your head.  People ask me why I am always in state… well its hard to be out of state when you’re having a good time!

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