What Every Guy Needs To Know About Sexual Health

What Every Guy Needs To Know About Sexual Health


Hey, what’s up it’s Mike, pick up a dating coach in Las Vegas. Today I want to talk about a topic that’s not talked about frequently in pickup, at least not publicly. Since my channel is about picking up and getting girls, most of my audience is in their 20s, 30s and sometimes 40s. It’s a relatively young age demographic. Usually in this age bracket, most people are focused on getting girls, chasing women, making money and building wealth. The thing that they usually lack or neglect is their health.

If you think about it within these three pillars, health is probably the most important because without it you can’t really achieve anything else. Have you seen somebody with terminal cancer invent something or start a billion dollar company? Probably not. If you notice a lot of successful people, wealthy people, the poor health and body at the top of their sort of priority list. If you look at Tony Robbins, any successful people, they know the value of maintaining their health and body.

So that they can stay productive and keep doing the things that they want. Specifically, I want to talk about your sexual health. That’s why I partnered up with “Let’s Get Checked“. They are the sponsor of this video and I rarely make sponsor videos. In fact, this is my first one, unless I think it absolutely benefits my audience, the users, people that are getting in to pick up, because I think this will make their lives better and easier.

Risk Factors:

A little bit of a cake is a good thing. It’s delicious. You have too much cake. Guess what? Diabetes. Well, the same thing applies to picking up right as you start getting girls is a good thing. You would be happier. You have more human interactions. You’re going to be more fulfilled. However, as you get more and more girls, the returns are diminishing and there are more risks of downsides. If you think about it in terms of STDs and sexual risks, pick up guys are probably at most risk.

Think about it this way. Based on statistics, the average guy hooks up with around 7 partners in their entire lives. What is this data with respect to guys who do pick up? What if you use me as an example? I don’t even know how many standard deviations I am above average, like 30 standard deviations or 40.

If 7 per lifetime that will make me older than the Great Wall of China in terms of like racking up sexual experiences. This is why if you’re doing pick up, you need to be more cautious about your sexual health. Just looking at my students stats, it tells a lot about all of my boot camps. I ask students, what’s your normal lay count? What’s your approach count? A lot of statistics, background and the average student just coming in to pick up without even coaching is 10 or 11.

So just imagine a couple of months or years after boot camp, how many more lay’s are they racking? My current roommate, who is a former student of mine, took my boot camp three years ago. His lay count was ten back then. Now it’s like fifty. That is significantly higher than the average person. You guys probably know if you’re sexually active, you should be getting tested regularly. Now, I’m not going to say, you should get tested every six months because that’s the right thing to do. For most people, that’s not enough incentive to get tested, even though it should be.

However, I want to give you some examples why getting tested regularly also has tactical benefits when it comes to getting girls and also keeping girls. I want to go over some examples in case studies. Based on my past experience, my life counts in the hundreds. You’re going to get girls from all sorts of demographics, Interesting, thought, process, beliefs, the perception of things, the perception of sex. You really get a category of girls, as you get more and more experience where they’re extremely paranoid about STDs.

Get tested before interaction: 

Usually people have reasons for why they believe what they believe. A lot of girls, they kind of go through cycles. They have fun phase or rack up a lot of fun to meet a lot of guys. They hook up until something bad happens and then fall into that cautious phase. Like I said, if you had enough experience, this has happened before where you just meet the girl during the cautious phase and all of a sudden they don’t want to have sex with anybody unless you have an STD test. That’s why you get tested regularly and you have documents to show, i.e hey, look, I’m clean, I don’t have an issue. Again, that’s kind of like handling objections.

Funny story, I met this girl at X nightclub, I was actually winging her, one of my students was talking to her friend. She’s a really hot korean girl from Houston, who does squats every day. She’s got nice chunky legs, just super high. We talked and stayed in touch. She came over one time and she had this weird thing. She’s like, look, I don’t like using condoms because I am allergic to latex. I don’t know what percentage of girls are allergic to latex, but I guess that must be a thing. She likes it raw, but then she has a weird rule where I only have sex with a new guy, if we both go to the clinic and we get tested together.

Fortunately, I had gotten a test the week before and I showed her the paper. I guess that was enough to convince her that it wasn’t an issue. I was like, I haven’t met anybody since then. So that’s not something you have to worry about. It was an issue. In this case and many others having a test will a lot of times handle certain objections. Another reason you should be getting tested regularly is that a lot of STD’s are actually curable.

If you catch it early enough, detect it and get a prescription then you get antibiotics. But this especially is important if you’re getting a girl that you actually like, maybe you’re hooking up for the first time. If you get her something or pass something on to her, you can kiss that relationship bye bye 90 percent of the time or whatever future hopeful thing that you want to create with this girl. You should probably get tested because if you give something to her, then that’s almost like a violation of trust. She’s going to be like, why did you know about this? Why did you give it to me? That’s kind of like a f****d up thing to do.

It just opens a lot of a can of worms. If it’s a girl that you care about, definitely get tested before you have any interaction. It’s not like you catch something every time you have sex there. It’s all probability. Third example, if you have a rotation of girls, you’re seeing girls regularly and you’re still going out doing pickup. Well, if you catch something doing a random cool approach, then chances are you’re going to pass it on to your regulars.

That could be really bad because you could wipe out your entire rotation because you weren’t being responsible. So definitely if you’re in this category, obviously it’s a little bit more advanced, but it’s also an incentive to get tested regularly. These are some tactical and real world applications, why you should get tested regularly because it’ll help you with meeting girls, meeting new girls, keeping your current rotation. It’s good to have a document at hand and also a peace of mind if you will. 

Real Life Experiences: 

I want to share some of my personal experiences just with sex, what I think of girls that I’ve met. The reality is most girls aren’t very educated when it comes to sex or they just don’t care. It’s just one of those things where you can’t see it which is like almost it doesn’t exist even though it does. Just look at the current covid-19 situation. A lot of people don’t believe it exists because they can’t see it with the naked eye. Based on my experience, I would say 60 to 70 percent of girls, if you don’t put on a condom, they actually don’t care. That’s a staggering high number.

I think the reality is most of people are educated about STDs and also when it comes to sex, we’re driven by our little brain or sort of lizard brain through millions of years evolution hasn’t really grown much. We’re impulsive based on instinct, even though a lot of times we should be using protection in the heat of the moment. People are impulsive. We don’t always look at our high level judgment, unlike certain industries like the porn industry where everybody gets checked every two weeks. I bet you a lot of girls have never been tested in their entire lives or they don’t test on a regular basis and they only tested actual symptoms.

That’s kind of an alarming sort of thing. When it comes to like experience levels, you have on one end with the inexperienced girls, when it comes to sex and then on the other end, you have girls are more experienced. If you think about it, on both ends of the spectrum, it’s their sort of both at risk. Because on the inexperience and a lot of girls, they just don’t know about sex and they’re kind of just down for whatever the guy wants. A lot of people think that girls who have less than 3-5 lay counts, somehow are more responsible.

That’s not always the case. You can literally have a virgin be closed by a pick up guy who has a lay count in the 100. I mean, this happened to me. I met a girl who literally was a virgin close and didn’t use protection. It was just really hot. The point I’m trying to make is that girls who are inexperienced aren’t always taking the best precautions. Girls are more experienced, a lot of them use birth control. They’re more worried about getting pregnant than catching STDs. Lot of them don’t care about condoms as much because they’re on birth control. So on both ends of the spectrum, there are people that can put you at risk.

Statistical point of view:

Over one million sexually related infections happen every single day and also more than 51% of people don’t get it checked. Because they’re sort of embarrassed about going to the doctor about talking to health care professionals which is kind of embarrassing. During boot camps, I get questions like, the student gets close with a girl. Sometimes the condom will fall off and then they freak out “oh, my God, I do”. 

They’re nervous and can’t get it up. They try the condom and can’t get it up. So they had to like, take it off to stay hard to close just because they’re so nervous. The condom rips. A lot of things can go wrong. I  actually get these questions all the time. I like this girl. I was close to her on Friday, but then I saw her at the same club the next day she got pulled by another guy. This girl gets pulled all the time. Should I be worried about STDs or they hook up with a girl that’s a little sketchy?

 It’s like, this girl is asking everybody for cocaine or they meet a girl that just looks like they’re a little too open for too many tattoos, a little too friendly with everyone. So I get a lot of these questions. I figured I needed to come up with a solution to all these questions. This is why I partnered up with “Let’s get a check” because they solve all these issues. You can get tested in the comfort of your own home as quick and it’s easy and you get the results right away. So to give you an example, I have one of the test kits right here in my hand. This is the full test kit. 

The process is super easy. I’ll walk you through it. 

  • Step one is just go to the link. It will take you to the website and you select which specific tests you want to take. It gets shipped to you the next day in discreet packaging. If you live with your parents or whatever, you have roommates, nobody really knows what the package is. 
  • Step two is you collect the sample, just go to the bathroom, your own personal bathroom, collect the samples are easy. They even provide you the return packaging as well as the shipping slips. You don’t have to pay additional packaging or shipping fees when you send it back.
  • Step three the results are posted within two to five days. Step four, once your results are available, they’ll be reviewed by a physician. They are going to get a call from a nurse that goes over all the details with you. 
  • Step five if you need any prescriptions, they’ll have a doctor electronically send you a prescription online. So you have everything you need. Super quick, easy, one step process. 

All of the “Let’s get checked” tests are CLIA approved and CAP accredited. It means, it is the highest level of accreditation. In a nutshell “Let’s get checked” saves you a ton of time. You don’t have to deal with uncomfortable office visits to the doctor. It provides you at home sample and testing and professional medical consultation without ever having to leave the home. It’s never been more simple. You can get the test kit using the link and it’s kind enough to throw a 20% off promo code (PICKUP20). Don’t forget to copy and paste that during the checkout process. Thanks for reading the post. Be safe, keep gaming and stay healthy. If you have any more questions regarding the test kit, leave them in the comments section.


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