What to Say When You Give People Favors

What to Say When You Give People Favors

I see this all the time.  People giving other people favors or tipping the bouncer or bartender but they never seem to be appreciated or get favors in return.

DUDE.  When you give people favors, make sure you GET CREDIT FOR IT.  Otherwise, other people take you for granted.   I see people in social circles give other people favors but nobody values it because other people assume they are just a pushover.

Then next time you give someone a BIG favor, say this:

 “I know this is a big favor I am doing for you,  if I were in the same situation in the future, you would do the same for me right?”  

People tend to be consistent with their words and actions.  Do it, and you would be surprised how well it works.

Also, when you tip the bartender or bouncer.  Make sure you ask for their name, give them your name, provide a compliment, and then tell them that you come here often and that they should remember your name.

“Whats your name?”
“I’m Mike, nice to  meet you Jason, you are a cool guy.  I come here very often because this club is awesome, make sure to remember me”

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