I am getting a house in June 2021 and will need two assistants to live with me.  The requirement is you:

1: Have a car

2. Can work 20-25 hours a week

3. Will need to relocate to Vegas.

4.  Housing is covered.


Job 1 – Cameraman / Video Editor

  • Editing content for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook
  • Filming infield videos and vlog (during bootcamp or while traveling)
  • Adobe Premiere / Final Cut Pro
  • Have your own computer.
  • Tasks include, blurring faces, lower thirds, caption, b-roll, transitions
  • Able to continually self develop editing and videography skills via YouTube and courses
  • Able to focus during filming without being easily distracted.
  • Being situationally aware of surroundings when filming, avoiding detection (we are filming infields here)
  • Having a creative mind, understand pop culture, know what b-roll to insert.
  • Basically you think you can do a better job than me at video editing.
  • Someone who is introverted and enjoys video editing and creative process.


Job 2 – Project Manager / Community Manager / Strategy

  • Ensure projects and tasks are completed on time.
  • Manage remote contractors on Upwork
  • General admin work
  • Managing Facebook community, and nurture leads on social media
  • YouTube and social media research and strategy
  • Facilitate completion of websites and digital products
  • Reaching out to other influencers for interview or collaboration
  • Interact with immersion students and answer basic questions
  • Organization is key.
  • Being extroverted and willing to reach out.


I would like to start working with you remotely for a few months, make sure we are a good fit, then when the Vegas house is ready, have you move in.  Ideally if you have a side business or online business where you work 20 hours and then 20 hours with me, that would be ideal.

What’s in it for you:

  1.  Tag along on all bootcamps, learn about game.
  2.  Network with students from around the world.  Many of which are very successful in a multitude of industries.
  3.  Rent is paid for.
  4.  Come along on travel adventures.
  5.  Learn about entrepreneurship and business


Please email resume to [email protected]