Written testimonials are boring and staged photographs are… well staged.  Just because a girl is willing to drink with you at your table, it doesn’t mean anything really.

I present to you, legit results from my students.  The proof is in the pudding.

Vegas Bootcamp Nov, 2013

Student flies in from East Coast for first bootcamp and pulls both nights.


Vegas Bootcamp Oct, 2013

On a self development work conference in Vegas.  Had a free night to take an infield and then pulled the next night.  Not bad of a trip.

This energetic young man and his friends booked a trip to Vegas.  He had the opportunity to do a 3 day 1on1.  The good thing is that he gets to travel for his job.  The bad thing is that he is currently stuck in Alaska (no sets lol).  He still manages to close 2 weeks later.  I guess girls need body heat in that frigid tundra wilderness.

Austin Bootcamp Sept, 2013
Fellow engineer who lifts.  Edu + Physique + Career = Fuark GG.


Vegas Bootcamp Aug, 2013

It all started in Seattle while looking for a pair of jeans and doing some day game.  Then signs up for a 10 day bootcamp in Vegas and well… holy fuck a shit ton of lays.  Now he lives in Vegas :).

LA Bootcamp July, 2013

Same night lay infield footage coming soon! (blurring face in progress)

LA Bootcamp March, 2013

In this video, I help my student essentially go from a 30 second blowout to completely pulling the girl.