Training Scheduling (Updated Weekly)

The following is the schedule and is based on the current signups.  If a weekend is TBD, the location has not been determined and is up for grabs.  I do place Vegas on a higher priority than LA unless there are more students signed up for LA than Vegas.

I can take no more than 3 students per weekend.  The schedule lists the weekends only as it accommodates most people who work Monday through Friday.  The weekdays are also available for training in Vegas upon request.

June 6 – June 8 – Las Vegas (2/2 – Full / Special Request)
June 13 – June 15 – Las Vegas (2/3 – Open)
June 20 – June 22 – Las Vegas (1/1 – Full / 1on1 Request)

June 27- June 29 – Las Vegas (0/3 – Open)
July 4 – July 6 – Las Vegas (1/3 – Open)

July 11 – July 13 – Las Vegas (1/3 – Open)
July 18 – July 20 – Las Vegas (0/3 – Open)
July 25 – July 27 – Las Vegas (1/1 – Full / 1on1 Request)
Aug 1 – Aug 3 – Las Vegas (0/3 – Open)

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  1. Adrian at 8:20 am


    During Sargeathon, swing by Raleigh, NC or Charlotte, NC. Sarging in the south, with all the hot white chicks, is a different experience. I think you would just AMOG all the rednecks.


  2. Anonymous at 5:08 pm

    Hey Squatting, if I signed up for Miami and the New York city section, would I be able to hitch a ride with you from Miami to New York city? I will pay for the gas and all as accommodation.

    • Squattincassanova at 2:26 pm

      Never heard of Johnny Berba. Seriously it would be cheaper for you to fly to Vegas. Plus Vegas is also more fun and much better place to train than London. PLUS… I know the logistics of Vegas with my eyes closed so therefore, I can baby step the pull for you if you happen to hook a set.

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