Miami Pickup Bootcamp Squattincassanova

2016 – Miami Pickup Bootcamp February 16-23

Ahhh… Miami.  One of the BEST spots for game in the United States.  The women are hot, the city is full of energy, and the night clubs go till 5am just like they do in Vegas.  I would argue that there are even more options for day game and street game in Miami… from Lincoln…

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CES Electronics Convention Las Vegas

Should You Go To Conventions For Pickup?

Have you ever asked your self… what is a place where you can : Learn a lot about a specific topic in a short amount of time. Hang out with your friends. Meet a lot of new people who are interested in talking to you and answering all your questions. Win cool prizes and free…

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Should You Go To Taiwan To Pick Up Girls?

    In my opinion the short answer is YES.  Out of the five places in Southeast Asia that I went to including Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, and Singapore, Taiwan was by far the best experience when it comes to meeting girls. I’m sure Thailand is easier, I have plenty of friends who lived in Thailand…

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Traveling to Peru

Have you ever wanted to just book a flight to a random destination and have the time of your life even if you’re solo?  There is a huge freedom in knowing you can go anywhere and make friends without having the need to wait on people you know to plan on a trip.  With everyone having…

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Baiting Girl For Response – Don’t Be Ignored

Have you been in a situation where you approach a girl who looks completely indifferent and bored.  She’s not receptive but she also didn’t tell you to fuck off either.  She is somewhere in the middle… probably on the lower end of the neutral to negative side.  Most likely, you’re talking over her shoulder and…

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Getting Laid on a Pickup Bootcamp

Have you ever wondered… what happens during a pickup bootcamp?  Do people really get laid on their first bootcamp?  I know I used to ask the exact same question many years ago.  I thought to myself, there is no way anybody gets laid on a bootcamp.  When I was starting out on this pickup journey, it took me…

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