Requesting Feedback on Venues for Cross Country Sargeathon

Hi all, in two weeks, 2 other guys and I are going on a road trip sargeathon across the country.  We have the cities picked out on the weekends but we still are deciding on the venues.  If you live or have sarged in these cities, feel free to give some feedback (please no newbie suggestions, I don’t hate newbs, but I hate newbs who give bad advice)

Ideally the venue should have both a patio AND a dance floor with good logistics to nearby hotels. The venues that are in bold are ones we are going for sure.

Sept 20-21 – Austin, TX

  • 6th Street
  • 4th Street?
  • UT Campus?

Sept 27-28 – Miami, FL

  • LIV
  • Mango’s Tropical Cafe?
  • Clevelander?

Oct 4-5 – New York, NY

  • Pacha New York?
  • PHD?
  • 1 Oak NYC?
  • Stone Rose?

Oct 11-12 – Chigaco, IL

  • Roof on the Wit?
  • Excalibur/Vision?
  • Public House?
  • Bull & Bear?
Maybe we’ll be burnt out in Chicago and just get fat and easy deep dish pizzas for the whole weekend.
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  1. Anonymous at 3:43 am

    pacha on friday night is packed. i mean packed to the point its really hard to even walk in the venue. cover charge plus once you leave, you cant get back in

  2. light at 8:46 pm

    pacha is ratchet. more of a music venue.
    I would get a table at Lavo. Cover is 30-40, drinks are 20. Lavo isn’t really a good venue for standing and Meatpacking district is all about status. Gotta wait in line and if its busy, the bouncer will start filtering people out and 3 cocks don’t rank high on the list.
    Btw, im a noob.

  3. siroh jaat at 7:21 pm

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  4. DukeFoieGras at 7:34 pm

    For your chicago trip:

    1) Roof on the Wit is too small to charge, but good quality. DBags central
    2) Vision – typical club, decent size venue.
    3) Public House – it’s alright.
    4) Bulls & Bear = sunday night = industry night
    5) Paris Club. Gold digger/Dbags central.
    6) American Junky – Small, but one of the hottest club (think Edison in LA, hard to get in without table)
    7) Bevy – depends on the night, but usually pretty good crowd. A bit small (think Edison in LA)
    8) Underground – Small but decent crowd
    9) Enclave – decent, typical crowd
    10) Soundbar – decent, typical crowd, quality isn’t as high.

    I would love to see you and your crew in action man!! Let me know if I can join you guys!

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