Looking for an Intern

Due to having a full time job, making the YouTube videos and updating the blog is a very tedious task.  I am looking for an intern to help me. In exchange, I will train you everything you need to know in pickup.  The following are the skills and tasks required for this position:

Tasks / Skill Sets / Requirements:
  • Web design
  • Forum posting on PUA sites / Web research
  • In-field video editing / Adobe Premiere / After Effects
  • File sharing via Dropbox
  • Assist on in-field training
  • ~15 hours of work per week
  • Available Friday and Saturday nights
  • Will require a nondisclosure agreement
In Exchange:
  • Participate in all training for free every weekend (LA and Vegas)
  • Access to all in-field video footages
  • Introduced to my social circle
  • Free access to many seminars, lair meets, and comedy shows
Basically, I am looking for a newbie with a lot of computer skills and is really motivated and is serious about getting better.
For more information, email me at [email protected]
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