Weekly Thursday In-Field Video – Hollywood Street Game, Latina Pickup!

The habit of approach is so ingrained that we even do pickup as we walk from the club back to our parked car.

The other benefit of street game is that you can hear the sets much better!  I sent one of my students to wing me but he just stood there in front of my camera and barely talking to the girls… giving me 5 hours of additional video editing and face blurring.  Thanks LOL.

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  1. Anonymous at 3:46 am

    Hey man, i’m really appreciative of you putting up your infields. I’ve read material online but there’s little infield footages to actually show everything put together in an interaction. I really liked how your game is chill and non flashy and its something that i’ve learnt a lot from. i used to try to psych myself up and i approach , and the response initially is good but i have a hard time keeping that state up, and once i lose my state the interaction just crashes. after watching your vids ( many of them ) i’ve come to realize that i can just be chill and comfortable and not have to go all crazy in the beginning.

    just wanna give you and your vids a two thumbs up! and i hope you’ll keep posting in youtube ! you’re an inspiration dude.

  2. Nathan Gerk at 3:59 am

    So first off before I respond to your question I have to throw a disclaimer out there as to how I came across you. I ‘googled’ “clubs that play hip-hop in Vegas”. There was a comment that you left in regards to some lame fuck who stated you need to have “VIP” to pull chics in Vegas…. 2 words bro… “FUCKING HILARIOUS”.

    To reinforce what you said, it doesn’t fucking matter about money. If your confident in your approach/interaction, and have an understanding of females… your golden. I am a big guy but I still pull chics, why? Because I don’t sit down while I urinate. It doesn’t hurt that I’m pretty fucking comical and have nice teeth as well! 😀

    Anyhow, so a chic responds that she is a nurse…. I’d probably do some off the wall shit like pull out my phone and tell her that “she has to hold on now” When she asks what I am doing my response would be “changing doctors”.

    Keep kicking ass bro! Your fucking awesome!


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