6 Ways Asian Parenting Ruin Your Dating Life

6 Ways Asian Parenting Ruin Your Dating Life

6 Ways Asian Parenting Ruin Your Dating Life


Asian parents are infamously known for their Asian-style parenting where they force their kids to study, ignore their social life, and to always be disciplined and never question their authority in order to have a better future. This type of parenting affects many Asians with their dating life because of the lack of social substance and terrible upbringings. 


6 Ways Asian Parenting Ruin Your Dating Life


#1: Asian Parents Put Too Much Focus On Academics

 While focusing on academics is positive since education can help you grow to be whatever you want to be, Asian parents tend to exaggerate. Academics and getting good grades are all that matters to them. They don’t even consider extra activities where kids can develop other skills, social interactions, or others. They just focus on academics. 


According to their culture, Asian parents believe that if you focus on your studies only, you will get good grades which will allow you to get a degree and get a good job. So, you will be happy. However, there’s a lot more about life out there. And when you are only focused on your studies, you won’t develop any other skills to interact with others including girls. 


#2: Asian Parents Keep Comparing You With Other Kids

No matter how well you do in school, there is always someone better than you. And Asian parents make sure to point that out anytime they can. 

While no one likes this, it is terrible since it happens when you are growing. After all, this can lead to low self-esteem. And when you’re at this point, how can you move from here? How can you start a conversation with girls when you have no confidence in yourself?



#3: Asian Parents Keep Doing Body Shaming

This tends to happen more with girls than with boys but these parents always seem to have something to say. No matter if their daughter is skinny or fat, they will tell her. And this is just another way to keep Asian kids’ self-esteem pretty low. 


#4: Asian Parents Don’t Understand Dating At All

For Asian parents, as we already mentioned, the most important thing while you are studying (from middle school to college) is academics. Nothing more. You aren’t allowed to go out, to have any other activities, to do nothing else than studying. 


However, as soon as you get your degree and you get a job, they will immediately start asking you why you don’t get married and have kids. 


The reality is that dating is a process. And for Asian kids, it’s a harder process since they don’t have the social skills they should have learned many years ago. And this makes dating more complicated. 


#5: Asian Parents Don’t Integrate To Western Culture 

No matter if Asian parents live in western culture for 5 years, 10 years or more than 30 years, they just don’t fit in. They don’t want to integrate and they don’t even make an effort to understand the culture.


 While it is understandable that they don’t want to lose their culture or their identity, there is no need to stay behind doors all the time. Some Asian parents don’t even speak English well. They don’t go to new restaurants, they don’t even know their white neighbors. Overall, they are very resistant to changes and avoid trying new things. 


 This can be a big problem for dating. After all, when you are dating, you need to try different places, do different things. 


#6: Asian Parents Conform To Society, Accept Fate

Overall, this is more of a mindset that is the basis of the Asian culture. However, it is important to understand that you don’t live in Asia anymore. You live in a western country with a different culture. In the United States, when you want something, you make an effort, no matter how big or small, and you get it. You don’t simply accept fate, you fight fate.  


The Asian culture can be a huge set back to your dating. After all, if you won’t pursuit what you want, you won’t ever get it. 


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