Traveling guide to meet women in Japan

Traveling guide to meet women in Japan


Guide To Meeting Women In Japan


Japan is one of the most beautiful Asian countries. It is also called the island nation just because of the ocean that has surrounded it. If you are planning to visit Japan, then we would highly appreciate your decision. No doubt, there are many tourist attractions in Japan but there are some other attractions as well. If you’re into Japanese girls, you may be thinking about a hook up on your trip there.



Getting a date in Japan is kinda difficult as compared to the European Countries. But you don’t need to worry because here are the best 5 tips to meet a woman in Japan. These tips will help you out to date a girl. Follow these tips on your tour and increase your chances of getting laid. 

  •   Avoid PDA (Public Display of Affection):

You would have been seeing a public display of affections in the European countries, but in Japan, things are quite different. In Japan, people are not sexually explicit, so keep your hands to yourself. When reaching out to a girl there, keep yourself in control. Don’t rush things, keep the natural flow going. The moment things start escalating, get ready for being dumped. 


  • Don’t be too man to women:


As we have explained before that explicit sexuality is not liked by the Japanese people. They want to keep relationships hidden. If you’ve got muscles and a strong physique and you think they are enough to seduce the girl, then I am sorry to say but you are wrong. These muscles of yours will be a plus, but first, you need to be a little bit introvert or shy. Don’t go out there showing muscles sounding cocky, this will definitely repel girls.

  •  Tell them that you live in Japan:

While visiting Japan, in case if you get a girl, never tell her that you are here on the visit or you are going back after 3 or 4 days. The Japanese girls are quite serious and sensitive, they prefer long term relationships. If you will tell the truth they would never be going to get laid with you, and they will treat you as a playboy. Make them feel that you are in Japan for some business or work purposes. You are working as an employee in a company or running an online business. This will increase the trust of women.

  •  Be patient:

Most people in Japan work six days a week and there is only one day left for rest and relaxation. On weekends, girls spend time with their parents. Don’t force them to meet, be patient and look for the right time and place (night clubs are a great choice). Don’t give the sense that you’re looking for a hookup in the first meeting. Start by a simple conversation, get her number, chat daily, go on a date and then take her to your apartment (don’t do this on the first date). 

  •  Don’t spend time on dating apps

Spend less time on dating apps. Online dating in Japan is dead, Tinder sucks, Bumble sucks. At best you’ll get one or two matches on these apps. But most of the time there are zero matches which are surprisingly odd for a city with 20-30 Million people. The best option is to go out in peak hours, visit night clubs. 


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