Should You Go To Conventions For Pickup?

Should You Go To Conventions For Pickup?

Have you ever asked your self… what is a place where you can :

  1. Learn a lot about a specific topic in a short amount of time.
  2. Hang out with your friends.
  3. Meet a lot of new people who are interested in talking to you and answering all your questions.
  4. Win cool prizes and free things.
  5. Be a part of a community of like minded people.
  6. Take pictures and videos in a social media friendly environment.
  7. Interaction with lots of cute promo models!
SEMA Car Show Las Vegas

SEMA Car Show Las Vegas

The answer of course are conventions and trade shows.  Living in Vegas and occasionally being near LA, these conventions occur quite frequently.   Some popular ones are:

CES  – International Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas – Learn about electronics, technology, basically a nerd heaven.

SEMA – One of the largest Automotive Shows, Las Vegas – Where there are cars, there are hot import models!

MAGIC – Fashion and Apparel, Las Vegas – Have you ever told a girl you like her style but you know absolute jack shit about fashion?

AVN – Adult Video News / Network, Las Vegas – Learn about sexuality and how to get sexual.  You can’t weird out a pornstar, trust me.

Mr. Olympia – Fitness and Bodybuilding, Las Vegas – You like fitness girls but you don’t get fitness lingo?

LA Fit Expo – Fitness and Bodybuilding, LA – Similar to Mr. Olympia

Vid-Con – YouTube and Online Video Creation, Anaheim – If you’re trying to learn about YouTube and video making, a great networking place.

Comic-Con – Comic Convention, San Diego – You dig geeky Anime girls, here is your spot!

Comic-Con Convention San Diego

Comic-Con Convention San Diego

What I love about conventions is that its a low pressure environment.  Most conventions are heavily packed with people and everyone is talking to each other.  Nobody is judging you for approaching or starting a conversation.  You can go indirect or you can go direct, which ever you want.  A simple indirect opener could just be to ask people about their products or what booths or sections they went to.   Its always easy to start a conversation where there is common interest.  You end up learning a lot of fun stories that you have no idea when it might come up in future conversations.  I might be talking to a girl and she pulls out her Samsung phone and I could transition from that phone to a fun fact about Samsung and then to the topic of Korea and now we are on some future role play story about traveling to Asia.  Who knows!?

Magic Online Convention Las Vegas

Magic Online Convention Las Vegas

And lastly, if you’re really serious about picking up girls at these conventions, its good to play a part and dress or act accordingly to the convention theme.  For example, if you want to pick up a girl at a Comic-con convention who is hot and is dressed in cosplay that she spent hours making, then it makes sense that you also go to Comic-con in a costume.  Its a simple matter of providing value.  If you went to a comic convention dressed in baggy sweatpants, what value are you bringing to the event?  You’re not creating any excitement or anything to share.


If you’re going to a Mr.  Olympia bodybuilding convention.  Its always cool to wear some athletic gear.   It doesn’t make sense for you to walk into a fitness convention with an old raggedy shirt with pizza stains on it.  Most people are attracted to like minded people… people who share similar interest.  You can bet that 95% of girls who are into fitness, also are attracted guys who are into fitness well.  So playing the part and being congruent with the event will increase your odds of picking up girls.

Handshake with Furious Pete At Mr. Olympia

Handshake with Furious Pete At Mr. Olympia

Now, if you’re not the buffest guy at the Mr. Olympia convention, don’t worry!  You can still talk to people.  Just remember that you are at whatever level you’re at but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve in the future.  As long as you’re learning and improving, that’s all that matters.  So bring a friend, a camera, a backpack for free goodies, enjoy the convention and chat with as many people as you can!

If you haven’t seen my recent YouTube clips at the 2016 CES, here it is:


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