Should You Go To Taiwan To Pick Up Girls?

Getting Laid in Taiwan


In my opinion the short answer is YES.  Out of the five places in Southeast Asia that I went to including Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, and Singapore, Taiwan was by far the best experience when it comes to meeting girls.

I’m sure Thailand is easier, I have plenty of friends who lived in Thailand for a few months and the string of lays were ridiculous.  I do however prefer places where sex tourism is not rampant.  Taiwan is fairly industrialized and most people know a little bit of English although their reading and writing skills tends to be stronger than their English verbal communication.  A lot of Taiwanese girls do like foreign guys or Asians who have studied abroad.

The rules of economics are always at play.  Its not simply the supply but also the demand.  When I went to Thailand, certain clubs were more than 50% foreign males.  When I went to the clubs in Taipei, Taiwan, I would say less than 5% of people were foreign.  The vast majority of people were Taiwanese locals and I rarely see guys approach.  Many of the girls I talked to either in school or are working professionals.  Over the few nights that I went out, I repeatedly saw the same girls over and over which leads me to believe that the night life demographics is not as big as you would think.  Its not like Vegas where you see a fresh batch of people coming every single weekend.  I would suspect that if I lived in Taipei for 3 months and went out every weekend to record videos and put them on YouTube, it wouldn’t take long to develop notoriety.

Same night lays tend to be rarer than Vegas.  This is true for probably MOST cities.  However first date to lay conversions in my opinion are really high.  I had a total of 3 dates in Taiwan and all of them converted to lays.  Here were the summary and logistics.

Date 1 – Girl was a blogger and does marketing

I told her to meet at a bar so we showed up and it was closed.  She recommended we go to another bar so we ubered there.  We had a few drinks, played with the owners cats.  I told her I needed to walk off the alcohol so we walked about 5 minutes outside and as we did, I called Uber and went straight back to my place without really telling her why.  She asked me where we were going and I sad back to my place.   She didn’t really complain.  The escalation lasted about 5 minutes until lay.


Date 2 – Girl was an English Tutor, her dad was a physics professor

I told her to meet up at my hotel.  She complied.  She walked up to my room and I showed her around including some of my camera gear I bought on my trip.  Its always a good idea if you can to get a girl to check out your place BEFORE the date as it makes it easier for them to come back to your place at the end of the date.  Then we headed out on foot to a near by Jazz place called “A Train Leads The Way To Jazz”.  Had two drinks of Mojito and we walked back to my place.  She complained how she only had one boyfriend and she hadn’t had sex in two years.  That was pretty much the green light.


Date 3 – This girl was a nurse and was my backup date

I got this girl to head out at around almost midnight.  She almost fell asleep on me.  The reason the date was set up so late was because I was on a date with another girl but I knew with the first girl, there was a high probability of nothing happening.   Apparently her guy friend knew about my YouTube channel and some how saw our Tinder conversation.  For a guy who teaches pickup for a living, I rarely talk about pickup outside of work, and I sure as hell don’t tell girls what I do, especially upon first time meeting because it just fucks up the interaction.  This is why in most of my infields, you still see me tell people that I am a full time engineer.

Date In Taipei Taiwan Whatsapp

I always set up two dates back to back if I feel like one of them isn’t solid.  Psychologically, it makes you more relaxed and more chill because you are less outcome dependent.  I left the first date and caught an Uber to meet up with the 2nd girl to a vampire themed bar that I randomly searched on Google Maps.  The process was the same.  We had two drinks and then I Ubered her back to my place.  Unlike the previous lay where the girl was inexperienced, I knew this girl was experienced.  Once the escalation got heated, she asked me to go shower with her.  This is always a good sign.  Any time a girl is “getting ready” or “freshening up”, its usually a green light.

I wouldn’t say a sample size of 3 out of 3 is a ridiculously high number, but I can say based on my observation that the first date to lay conversion rates seem fairly high.  The scheduling in Taipei worked out very well.  This was generally my schedule.

Daytime – Tours, sightseeing, photography, eating, working out

9-12pm: Go on dates

12pm – 4am:  Clubbing

Sun Yat Sun Scenery Club Myst Taipei

I had a great overall experience in Taipei.  It had a good balance of everything.  Scenery, food, history, and nightlife.  One thing however remains the same.  It doesn’t matter what city I go, Vegas still remains the king of pickupland.  If you want to practice pickup and that is all you care about.  Flying to Vegas is always more bang for your buck than to flying to Asia (assuming you’re from North America).


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