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As a pick up coach some of our clients come from all different backgrounds. Some of these guys are multi-millionaire entrepreneurs that have busy schedules. In this article we will be highlighting how you use Uber to maximize the quantity of dates when your time is limited.
Logistics is one of the key factors in contributing to the success of the pull. Breaking it down if you live in a city like LA or Sydney there is quite a bit of urban sprawl meaning girls may sometimes be over 15 miles from where you live. This makes travelling for dates and to your house more difficult and hence you may lose the lay.
By calling the Uber for her and transporting her to your desired destination you are providing a solution to logistical issues. Obviously an Uber is still an Uber and if the girl isn’t interested she’s still not going to meet up with you regardless of the Uber.
Essentially time is money and with some of these cities you could be spending up to 3 hours of total time for just transportation alone. Additionally Uber has a GPS tracking system which means you will know her estimated time of arrival, when the girl has been picked up which means you will waste little to zero time on her suddenly flaking on dates. As an entrepreneur I know personally I would rather spend the $15 on an Uber to prevent myself from wasting time that could be spent doing other things such as growing my business.
For more on this topic watch the linked Video.
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