How To Close Girls Like Grant Cardone Closes Deals

5 Ways To Deal With Objections When Talking To Girls

How To Close Girls like Grant Cardone Closes Deals

Believe it or not closing women and closing business deals have many parallels. In both environments there are many factors and inhibitors that will prevent you from getting the desired results. Fear not we have FIVE things you can say that will help you get over these hurdles, so you can get the results you deserve.
Back when I was in high school I was pulling this girl that had a really strict father. Right when we were about to go back to my house so we could have sex, her father called demanding that she come home immediately and that he was tired of her bullshit. She then goes and tells me that she wants to stay but she is worried about the temperament of her father. Now seventeen year old me could have easily just succumbed to her fathers wrath and told her ‘it’s cool just go home and we’ll hang another day’. However that did not happen.

You know what I said? I told her:

‘It won’t be first time or the last time you’ve snuck around your dad to hang out with somebody… I’m sure a week from now he won’t even remember this’.
And you know what? It worked. So remember ‘it wont be the first and it wont be the last’.
Say you’re doing Day Game and things are going well and you’re about to pull for an instant date to Jamba Juice. When you make this proposal you are met with hesitance. She wants to go but is uncertain whether she should…
How do you reply and deflect the resistance?
By telling to ’treat herself’. ‘You’ve had a long day… working at H&M standing around dealing with customer service bullshit, I think you deserve to relax and enjoy a quick Jamba Juice, come on girl you’ve earned it’.
I run into this problem more often than I would like: I’m in the club and I’ve locked in with a girl and possibly even kissed closed already. The attraction is there, she wants it and we are ready to leave. But just one problem ‘I think I need to stay and leave with my friend. I don’t want to leave her behind’.
How do I overcome this obstacle?
I tell her to do it anyway! ‘You’re friend is a big girl and is smart enough to take care of herself. It wont be the first time of the last time your friend has made it home safely by herself, don’t stress she’s good’.
As you can see I just stacked two of the closing lines together. These lines are very versatile and can be used in most situations.
Let’s go back to a prior scenario: You are leaving the club and she does not want to leave her friend behind.
What do you do?
Me: Your friend has her own keycard to the room right?
Her: Yes
Me: She has your phone number and messenger?
Her: Yes
Me: Awesome, sounds like she’s good and there’s no issues. Come on let’s go!
Let’s say you and the girl have hit it off and you’re about to pull back to your place. One problem she says she wants to come with you but she has a flight at 7am and needs to get back to pack and get ready for her flight.
What do you do? You logically breakdown how everything is going to be alright and how the 7am flight is less of an issue than she may think.
‘Listen I understand you have a flight to catch but… It’s just 1am there is still 6hrs for you to get everything done. How long are we going to take? No longer than 40mins tops. We’ll be back by 2am, I can drop you off and you’ll be back to your hotel with 4hrs still to pack and get to the airport, don’t stress we got plenty of time’.
See what I did there. I logically broke down the timeline and presented the situation in a way that would lower her anxiety about the tasks she needed to do.
In conclusion these are the five close lines that you can use to overcome the obstacles that you may prevent you from closing the ‘deal’.

Thanks for reading, you can find the video in the link above.

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