Example of A Good Pickup Field Report

How To Edit Field Reports and Edit Audio Infields

Good field reports keep your motivated, helps you minimize repeated mistakes, and gives you a plan of things to work on in the future.  If you haven’t watched the video, here is a key summary of a good field report:

  • Write the report immediately the night you come back from pickup
  • Spend approximately 30 minutes on writing
  • Summarize each interaction in a paragraph
  • State why the set ended and what you could have done to prevent the ending or how you could have prolonged it (CRITICAL).
  • At the end, write down three things you did well and three things you could have improved.

Here is an example from a past student who wrote a thorough field report that I like to share:

Saturday 1/20/2015

  1. 2 set, 2 white girls standing near the back bathrooms by a brazier. Opened with “hey how’s your night going.” They initially only gave 1 word responses but they warmed up quickly. They thought “what are you guys celebrating tonight? besides talking to me” was hilarious and got super friendly after that. Turned out they were both from NY and I mentioned how people from NY are super friendly because they are out and about on the sidewalk a lot. It turns out they just met each other in line but they are BFFs because they have everything in common. They both got kicked out of their original groups so we joke about how this is the kids table at thanksgiving. We banter about Vegas for a while. They guessed my age to be 35ish and they said it was because of the blazer. They are apparently really into each other, staring deeply at each other, looking at each other before responding to anything, so I tease them about this like they’re long lost sisters. They ask me to take a bunch of pictures and eventually I eject because this wasn’t going to go anywhere. I don’t think I could have done much here. These girls were waaaaaay too into each other.
  2. 1 set of an asian girl standing by herself staring at the backs of a group of 3 guys by the casino tables with her arms crossed. I open with “you look like you’re having the most fun here” in a sarcastic tone because it was clear she wasn’t. I mimic her arms crossed and her facial expression and she laughs. Turns out she is from cali and is not celebrating anything in particular. Out of nowhere she says she really admires my bravery and my audacity. I gave her a “wtf” look and tell her there wasn’t anything brave about talking to a tiny asian girl, and here she was acting like I just wrestled a tiger. She keeps repeating it and I tell her to explain herself. She taps the shoulder of the guy in front of her and introduces her boyfriend and starts making out with him in front of me while giving me a look like “nice try”. I lol and introduce myself to the guy. We start having a conversation and ignoring the girl. I tell him his girl was telling me I was brave and audacious for talking to her and we have a good laugh. The girl barges in and starts making out with her bf. I eject.  I don’t think I could have done much here. This was a girl trying to act superior and try to see if I got scared when she introduced her boyfriend.
  3. 7ish set of asian girls standing in a circle, 1 girl is standing on the outside looking uninvolved and really bored. Open with “You look like you’re having the most fun here” with a sarcastic smile. She agrees and we make small talk about what they’re doing. They’re a bunch of co-workers and they’re out on a retreat or something. A girl in the group turns around to start talking to her so I slip in and introduce myself. They say hi but they get right back to talking. I wasn’t feeling either girl so I eject. I could have plowed longer just for practice.
  4. 5 set of latina girls with 1 girl standing on the outside of it, leaning on the couch and doing something on her phone. I go up to her and stand beside her planning on saying “Hey how many instagram followers do you have” but I only gnt does and what they’re celebrating when the ginger comes in again, this time from behind us and starts talking to cute girl again. He keeps repeating something about “burning” so I try to pull their attention away from him by talking about burning man. I lost my cool though by being frustrated by the guy and I couldn’t think of anything to say, so they just kept looking at me expectantly like I was going to say something, but I didn’t know what. I get red-faced and walk off. I should have persisted more here because the girls were into me despite the other dude. I need to think of a better way to handle other dudes barging in.
  5. ot out “Hey” before she jumped up like she saw a ghost. She looked like she was super scared and everyone turned around wondering what was going on. I laugh and mimic her being startled. I start asking her where she was from but a girl from the group literally grabs her wrist and pulls her into the group like it was some kind of turtle shell. I walk off. I think what happened here was I was WAY too energetic this night and I needed to tone it down for a girl that was bored and on her phone.
  6. 2 set of girls sitting by the water fountain. I was getting some water and walk by and open with “hey guys how’s your night going.” There’s one latina girl standing up and looking at her white friend that’s sitting down. Right away I notice that the latina girl is being really talkative to me while her seated friend doesn’t like me at all. The latina volunteers all this information about how they’re celebrating her friend’s birthday. She says she’s on a reality TV show and I call her on her BS. She gets really insistent so I tell her to give me her name and I was going to google it. Her friend is just sitting there all the meanwhile not looking at me at all and looking sour. She acts like she gave me a fake name when nothing turns up and she starts making fun of the way I pronounce “latina”. I get closer and get her to show me how it’s done. We start talking about how I’m planning a trip to Spain and she says “I’ve already been there Idc” so I turn it around on her as I was telling her about my trip, I don’t care if she’s already been there. I’ve never seen such solipsism” and she ate it up and started asking me lots of details about Granada and Barcelona and all the cool things to do. Austin comes in and says something, I didn’t hear what. I think he asked if these girls were giving me trouble. The latina says I’m a witty dude. It doesn’t go anywhere after that Austin leaves. I get the convo to include her friend because I notice she’s starting to get irritable. It comes up that she’s a nurse and I say “Oh, you know what they say about nurses”. She gets super defensive and acts like she wants to be offended before I even tell them the rest of the saying. She says she’s super into science stuff so I give her a pop quiz, what’s the integral of e^x dx. She says “that’s math dumbass” so I try to turn it on her by saying don’t you know science is just applied math. Eventually I eject because her friend was trying to suck the fun out of my night. I think the only way this could have worked is if I could separated them somehow. The latina was really into me but I don’t think she would’ve left her friend when its her birthday. I shouldn’t have let Austin walk off. I only mentioned this was “a cool dude”, I should have pushed him into the set and introduced him to the sitting girl instead.
  7. 5 set of all asian girls sitting down at one of the tables outside. I walk up and sit on the end table and open with “You guys are fucking sexy, who are you.” 2 girls reply with their names but they look really unenthusiastic. I can’t hear them so I try to pull them closer with “hey I can’t hear you, come closer”. I think the problem here is that even sitting on the end table I was still way farther from them than in a standing face-to-face set. I keep going and just ask questions. They’re a bunch of co-workers and they’re from cali. I ask them how much they can squat. They are not giving me anything back so I start with “I have something really important to ask you,” but then I can’t think of anything. I lol and walk away. I should have plowed harder. I’m uncertain how to approach this situation though because of the distance. I feel like kneeling next to their ear or extreme leaning in would appear weak.
  8. 2 set of asian girls, Mahdi goes in first and tries to get a high five, and gets shut down hard by the girl that gives him an expression like she just swallowed a bug. I barge in there and go “WTF my friend is just being friendly” I look at her friend and ask “is she always like this? I bet you’re the friendly one”. She starts agreeing and she starts apologizing for her friend. We make small talk how they’re from Cali but I see Mahdi walking away. I cut off the girl mid-sentence and tell her “Have to catch my friend” and run off. In retrospect I really should have just stayed there. I need to stop trying to turn this into a 2 player game.
  9. 1 set, 1 asian girl that was walking towards the back bathroom. I run after her and grab her wrist and open with “wait, there’s something really important I need to tell you. You’re sexy and I need to know who you are.” She says thank you and asks for my name. I pull her away from the main walkway and I lean back on one of the couches and pull her into me. She seems really giggly and is going along with it all and keeps asking me questions like what my name was, where I was from, and what I was doing. I tell her I was looking for a cute asian girl that was fun-sized and pull her closer. She pretends to get indignant at being described as fun-sized, then I pull her in by the waist and we start making out. She pulls away and says she needs to get back to her friends. I grab her wrist before she goes and tell her to wait and that tonight was about us, her friends could take care of herself. She kept pulling away and insisting she had to get back to her friends. She didn’t seem like she was 100% committed to leaving though so I told her I wasn’t done flirting with her just yet, they could wait. She says she’ll see me around and pulls away. I see Mahdi coming up so I don’t push it.  I shouldn’t have let Mahdi coming in distract me. The girl was clearly into me and I shouldn’t have let her go so easily… I think a little more persistence would’ve done it.
  10. 3 set, 3 latina girls standing by the walkway towards the seated area. I’m in an amazing mood and a great song comes on, so I start singing the lyrics out loud while nodding my head. I feel an arm around my shoulder so I turn around and a smoking hot latina is right there giving me the biggest smile. I was still singing and we start singing it together, then the lyrics stop so we’re just there looking at each other. I wrap my arms around her and pull her in and move in for a kiss. She turns her cheek at the last moment so I end up kissing her cheek. I turn around and yell for Mahdi to get back over here. Why did I do that??? He starts talking to the latina’s friends. I try to gauge the latina’s reaction and she’s still smiling so I ask her name. She says something I can’t hear. I see Mahdi turning to leave and walking away. I say that’s my ride and start turning to leave. WTF lol. She has a “wtf” look in her face and she still has her arms around me as I’m walking away. Later when I’m walking by the same area, I see the same latina girl give me even bigger smile and blow me a kiss. I just smile back and keep on walking. Oh man, this makes me cringe just typing this out. I think my issue was I was so unprepared for what happened in such a short time. I’m so used to having to work for it that having it thrown in my lap really threw me off. Even Mahdi was asking me WTF I was doing.
  11. 2 set, 2 white girls standing by the rooms near the front bathrooms. They looked like they were part of a bigger group of about 5 girls and 2 guys but were stand-offish to the front. Another great song comes on and I start singing out loud. Mahdi goes in and starts talking to a girl standing on the periphery. I wait a minute and go in intending to wing him, but it looks like it’s an entirely separate 2 set. I just open them by singing the lyrics and they laugh and start to join in too, then then the lyrics abruptly stop. I immediately tell them I had something incredibly important to tell them and paused, and they looked really curious to what it was. I told them they were incredibly sexy and I absolutely needed to know who they were. They introduced themselves, the brunette was a 21 year old whos first time it was in vegas, and the blonde was her sorority sister. I tell them I could they were vegas newbies because of how starry eyed they were. They are eating it up and we start talking about cool things in Vegas and I turn to talk to the blonde girl because she was smoking hot. I notice as soon as I stop address the brunette girl that she walks away back into the room so it’s just me and my target. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her into me so I’m leaning back on the potted plant and she’s grinding up against me. She is super super into it and she’s going along with everything I ask and do, but she doesn’t give me much in terms of conversation. I want to keep it going so I just give her compliments, I tell her she has a really pleasant voice and tell her to sing with me, but she’s too self-conscious now. A guy comes in and tries doing weird shit, he puts his necklace on his mouth and acting like a fish. I think he was trying to ruin my set. I say “wow, this guy really knows how to party” in a sarcastic way and she laughs and turns back to me.  I tell her she looks like a character in Game of Thrones but she said she hadn’t seen it yet, so I tell her we’re going to do a DVD marathon later tonight, to which she laughs and agrees. She asks my name and I tell her I can’t tell her because I don’t want her to be able to find me if we make a baby. She is super attracted now so I grab her and start making out with her. Then she pulls away and I notice her looking back towards the other people in the room. I notice this and I try to say I’m thirsty, let’s go get some drinks, but she insists she has to go back to her friend. Earlier I said she looked like the responsible one, and I think this played into this mistake because now she really feels like the responsible one and I’m making her feel slutty right in front of her sorority by groping and making out with her. I ignore it the first time and try to persist by making some more small talk about the DJ, but when I try again with just “let’s go over there” and she gave me the same excuse, I didn’t think it was going to happen so I left. I think my problem here was being incredibly sexual right in front of her sorority sisters. I had her grinding up against me and was groping her butt and making out right in front of an audience. Really really dumb because the girl was super into me. I should have isolated first.

Things I need to work on:

  1. Need to persist more. I had a lot of opportunities where the girl was pretty much throwing herself at me such as the latina and the asian girl. When I get lobbed a soft ball I need to hit a home run, not say “naw I only want fast balls”.

  2. Totally solo. I need to work on not getting distracted by Mahdi or Mike or Austin or any other dude like the ginger or the frat dude coming in. I know I can be awesome solo so I need to not be thrown off by other dudes entering the set.

  3. I need to work towards isolating. During this night I created enormous amounts of attraction in a lot of sets, but I was unable to capitalize on it because I didn’t progress the framework and I only tried to isolate when it was too late.


Things I did well:

  1. I opened more sets in 4 hours than I did the previous 4 months. A lot of this came from not caring about the outcome of the set. Paradoxically, when I stopped caring how it’d turn out, my results improved 1000%. Also I opened so many sets I don’t even remember most of the blowouts except for the really funny ones. Win/win situation there.

  2. Wearing a blazer restricts my arm movement which prevented me from making fidgety movements. As a result all my sets were way, way more attracted than previous nights. Good body language impacted my psychology and it turned into a really good night where I had a lot of fun.

  3. I’m happy to be getting away from “hey how’s your night going”. I notice I get incredibly good reactions from just going completely 100% direct and giving them a look in the eye that made no mistake what I thought. I get increasingly bold the longer the night goes, but I know I could have done this even from the start of the night.


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