How To Avoid 18 Years of Child Support and $300,000 Of Cost

If You Are Going On A Lot of Dates, You Need To Watch This!

If You Are Going On A Lot of Dates, You Need To Watch This!

Accidents can happen, or… she is either really hot or you just can’t get it up with a condom.   However the risk of unplanned pregnancy can put a damper on any mans goals or ambitions.  The average cost of raising someone from birth to 18 is over $300,000.  We don’t want that.If you aren’t familiar with contraceptive methods already the Plan B pill is the best form of contraception when you have had unprotected sex and ejaculate inside.

This pill while extremely effective comes at a high cost. The price of a Plan B pill at Walgreens is $50 so needless to say the cost of these pills is going to add up over time.  Another issue with acquiring a Plan B pill is some girls are embarrassed by going to the pharmacy and purchasing themselves. Which means YOU need to go drive out at 3am find a 24/hr Pharmacy and buy the pill for $50. As I always say TIME IS MONEY.  Not to worry here at PickupAlpha we are about finding solutions to problems. We’ve found that on Amazon you can buy ‘My Way Emergency Contraceptive’ at $50 for SIX pills instead. I’ll let you do the math. By ordering directly off Amazon you are saving both time and money, it’s a no brainer.  Keep in mind while different products or drugs might have different BRAND names, what really matters is the chemical composition or the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).  In this case, the API is 1.5 mg of Levonorgestrel.  Which means any brand name with that API are exactly the same.

Side note if you are buying these pills in bulk hide them somewhere out of sight. It goes without saying that if a girl comes to your house and sees you are the Pablo Escobar of stockpiling Plan B’s its not going to be a great look for you.  I usually just say my roommate accidentally bought more than one and there is an extra one in the kitchen cabinet.  If you are looking to get some, here is the link:

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