The Girl That Started It All

The first and last gf I ever had.  It was long distance LTR of 7 freaking years.  Ex cheer leader, chemical engineer, UC Berkeley grad, white girl personality, she had it all.  Unfortunately like any long distance relationship, things are bound to happen.  Like everyone else, my perception of relationships was the result of social programming and the reality is… its not a Disney movie.  Half way into the relationship, I found “The Game” but since we were still together, I never really got out of the keyboard jockey phase.  I had massive AA up until we finally broke up.  It was a good ride, overall she was a good girl.  I don’t think out of the 3500 girls I talk to within the last 2 years, there were many like her.  It was a learning experience.  I’m glad I found the game though.
When I had met her, I knew nothing about game.  Looking back, I would call it beginner’s luck?  She was already attracted to me physically although I was much skinnier back then.  But what really made her bond with me was the fact we built deep rapport.  We would have hour long conversations on the phone, and we both had difficult childhoods.  One of the key aspects of Game was to share vulnerabilities.  I showed her mine and she showed me hers.  We instantly bonded.  But up until then… the sexual part was missing.  And I will always remember this quote.  Somehow in a conversation, “fuck your brains out” was brought up…. and I responded, “I have a lot of brains to fuck out”.  Boom.  Hooked even more, she became my girlfriend.  Sure it was pretty awesome, but again, it was all dependant upon chance.  It was the hand of God (I’m not religious) that brought us together.  Talk about luck.  And its crazy to think this is how most people end up together.  Now, I know its more important to be able to change the course of the interaction so its not dependent upon fate.
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