How to Meet Other Naturals

I just met a natural today.  Not just any natural.  Hes a 6’5 Abercrombie model look alike who basically knows all the the club bartenders and also is in business school at SDSU.  God there were so many hot girls at SDSU, seriously you could sarge the campus and it would be full of HB8s or above.  Its also sorority rush week, these poor girls have to wear dresses in the middle of 90 degree weather, LOL!

How did I meet him?  I met a girl at a pool party.  I took pictures of her and we became Facebook friends.  Apparently shes boning him.

He basically promotes certain club events and also party bus gigs and heard that I am a good photographer. Here is the thing, when you want to hang out with cool people, you gotta provide value.  Have something that other people want.  For me, photography is one of those skill sets.  It was a potential to meet a lot of cool people and network.  I’m basically getting paid to sarge.  What a great deal.

Getting girls is one of those things…. its super hard for some people… and its sooooo god damn easy for others.  Its like night and day.  These dudes at SDSU throw house parties and its basically guaranteed pull.  They are all probably laughing us “PUAs” for having to sarge every weekend and reading “The Game”.

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