Indicators of Interest Vs. Compliance

We tend to gauge how much girls like us based on the amount of IOIs.  This is typically the case.  The more a girl gives you IOIs, the more compliance she gives you, and the more she likes you.

There of course are always the exceptions.  There are girls who flirt with EVERYONE.  Some times it seems super ON and it seems like she really likes you…. then out of nowhere she randomly walks off on you or she refuses simple requests like you asking her to move 5 feet.  Fake IOIs…. I hate it lol!!!  When you’re a newbie, you tend to relish in this warm basking glow of IOIs when in fact its fake and you’re just wasting your time.  A guy like me would just keep escalating until blowout to reveal her true fake nature haha.

On the flip side.  Some girls have a terrible time showing interest.  They tell you they don’t like you.  They tell you that you’re stupid or that you’re not funny…. yet magically they do everything that you request.  You ask her to go grab a drink, she follows.  You ask her to go to the dance floor, she comes.  You ask her to come out of the club to get food she agrees.  I have no idea why some girls are like this.  Maybe they got hurt in the past showing too much interest and now they act uninterested as a defense mechanism of some sort… who knows, I’m not a mind reader.  But I guess the moral of the story is…. don’t rely on IOIs and don’t leave just because shes not showing a lot of interest.  Test out her compliance.  Will she hold your drink?  Will she let you put your arms around her?  Will she move around with you?  Will she sit down with you?  Will she let you kiss her?  Will she venue change with you?  One time my wing saw this short girl stand on her tippy toes to get closer to me so she can hear me.  Talk about huge compliance there.

Always gauge the girl based on how compliant she is and not purely based on how much she smiles at you etc.  If you think about it, whats the biggest compliance of all?  Yep.

This thing happened to me in Vegas last week.  Met this girl that told me she didn’t like me at all and that I was a lame dancer and that I was a square for not drinking.  Even after the LR she STILL told me she didn’t like me.  I’m just going on a hunch here… I’m pretty sure she likes me.

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