Too Much Interest

Is it just me or any time a girl shows way more interest in me than I am to her, its a sudden turn off for me.  Sometimes I’ll be into another girl who on paper isn’t even that beautiful or has that amazing of a personality but simply because they have been unavailable.  My friend told me during text he always waits 2x as long on the response time.  I think it has merit when you are just vibing with the girl. I would break that rule if its logistical related issues.

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  1. Anonymous at 9:25 am

    Once I picked up this ugly old cougar by accident. I was definitely “the price” in that situation. She was giving me way more interest than I was giving to her. It was a turnoff and Immediately I could see how hot girls must feel when a needy, low value guy is showing too much interest. It was educational. But, as you become better and better with women, i guess you have to start tolerating that behavior from them. You are now the high value price that they try to catch.

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