3 Week Road Trip To Alaska (Looking for 1 More)

3 Week Road Trip To Alaska (Looking for 1 More)

If you follow my blog, you know I like traveling and also photography.

Its sort of a serene contrast to all the clubs and drunk girls I bump into every night.  After this trip, I will have seen most of North America.  My roommate and I are going and we found that 3 people tend to be the best number for long distance road trips.  If you’re interested, skip to the bottom.  We are taking off this Sunday (April 27, 2014) so you have 2-3 days to get to Vegas if you want to join!  Otherwise, we are going with just 2 people.  If you think about it, planning a trip is kind of like planning logistics for a date!

The destinations include:

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Glacier National Park, Montana
Banff National Park, Canada
Glacier National Park, Alaska
Denali National Park, Alaska

Why This Trip?
I haven’t been to any of these national parks except Yellowstone but I was 8 when I went so I don’t remember anything.  Also, most of the landscapes are mountainous so it is a contrast to the desert places of California and Vegas.  I have never been to Alaska so this will be a new experience.

The Planning
For a trip with this much mileage, we decided it was best to rent a car.  Its spring season, there are a lot of bugs, plus my VW GTI isn’t exactly gas efficient.  I love to snack while driving, not a good idea to mess up my car.  Generally I make a spread sheet like this, which populates each day and where I am going to be.  The spreadsheet will also include the travel mileage and the hotels already established.  Since there will be quite a bit of drive between each destination, we can tweak the specifics at each national park while on the road.  Some other considerations are obviously the data plan in Canada.  I will have to figure that out soon.  Planning on driving 1539 miles in one day… haha WTF BBQ, most ever that I attempt.  Bring on the ADDERALL!!!

Populating this into Google maps gives a quick high level mental picture.

Here are some pictures of the national parks.  Holy fucking aesthetics.

If you want to join the trip, contact me ASAP:  Squattincassanova at gmail dot com.
I do realize this is a 3 week trip and most people have jobs but if for some reason you’re on a break or can take this long of a vacation, let me know!  We are going to take a lot of pictures.  If you don’t have a camera, thats fine, we can take some for you.  During the trip, we will probably talk about pickup, working out, travel stories, listen to audio books & comedy.  The travel expenise will be divided into 1/3rd.  This will be roughly 1000$ for a 3 week trip (not including food).

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