Black Girls

Black Girls

I used to do some what of online game.  Not so much anymore because too many poverty chicks and so much Myspace angles.  One thing I noticed is that I get hit on by Black girls many orders of magnitude higher than any other race, even Asians!

This either leads me to conclude that Black girls either…
  1. Like Asians
  2. Like buff guys
  3. Or are just aggressive and are proactively reaching out to everyone
  4. Or a combination of above options
Take a look at my Tinder for instance.  I use a program called Tinder Auto-Liker (a program that automatically likes every girl) and this is what I get.  Of the 8 girls on the first page.  I get…
  • 4 Black girls
  • 3 Asian girls
  • 1 White girl
Black girls are roughly 10% of the girl population and yet they are 50% of all matches.
I’m not exactly into Black girls but I seriously think that a lot of them like Asian men.  One of my students also just recently closed a Black girl.  I don’t really know the underlying reasons, I can only show my observations.
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  1. Anonymous at 9:56 pm

    You find it harder to pull on tinder and other dating sites then in person. I am finding it harder because I feel like the requirements are higher online of what a girl is looking for . Just wanted to grab your thoughts on it .

  2. Anonymous at 11:55 pm

    no one likes black girls. very few guys approach them and they usually end up with black guys

    Cold hard truth

  3. Anonymous at 2:40 am

    It could be because everyone knows that asian males and black women are the least attractive over-the-board ethnically in america.

    Dude just check any reddit sub (like gonewild), and it’s [mostly] white women (which I love too).

    We live in a eurocentric society, so when people say they aren’t attracted to the short end of the stick, everybody accepts it.

    But people don’t seem to get it not all black women look the same. Hell, there is so much variation within each race that if you cannot find attractive individuals you aren’t looking. There is still incredible variation in skin tone, facial structure, body size/shape, and hair texture in each ethnicity, to say you don’t like a certain one overall just seems weird.

    but yes, black girls LOVE asian guys.

  4. Anonymous at 10:33 pm

    I am in California and I seem to get more asian girls than anything else. Like out of 50 I’d get maybe 2 to 3 white girls 2 to 3 black girls and the rest Asian which is fine but I get some nasty fat asian chicks lol.

    unrelated: DJ fuji said he had to drive far to game at night when he first started and it was 100 miles or so. Where did he live and where was he commuting ? I’m guessing if he lived near Temecula like you then he was going to SAN Diego which is a far drive.

    -Jacob J.

  5. Anonymous at 10:55 pm

    Elliot Rodger and the Effeminization of Asian Men

    I met his asian girl this past weekend from UC irvine. She kind of reminded me of the girl who told your friend he was too short. Instead of being too short she went on this little rant about Asian men being so weak and all Asian men she has dated were passive….etc etc.

    I’m sure she expected me to react. I just told her that my Asian penis is a 1/4″ long on a good day.

    She got up and just left. Lol .#trollsohard

    -Jacob J.

  6. Ken at 2:11 am

    When Mike was training under DJ Fuji, he would have Mike approach Black women. Mike mentioned the reason for this is to become more assertive when your Gaming/interacting with sets of Black women.

    It forces one to be more assertive when Gaming, Regardless of whether you feel attracted to Black women or not.

  7. Anonymous at 2:44 am

    It’s just black girls and all guys. Dating sites and others have done studies on this stuff. I thought about it before, wondered if it was my type, but it’s just all types.

  8. Vince Lin at 5:50 pm

    I’ve experimented with this too I’m a Skinny tall Asian guy and black girls matched as well. They match with everyone because they are the most responded to

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