VIDEO: Flash Game vs. Real Game (Pickup at Paradiso Rave in Washington)

A week after EDC.  I flew up to Washington state.  There was another huge rave at the Gorge Amphitheater. Unlike EDC, this place starts at 2pm and goes to 2am.  The scenery is also very different than EDC.  Instead of being in a stadium, its outside in the nature overlooking the Columbia river and gorge.  I got some decent day game footages.  My legit day game camera is 10000x better than my hidden button cam!

Basically this video attempts to discuss why most videos you see on the internet are considered flash game.  It is a very small portion of pickup but its blown out of control and people think its the bread and butter of game.  The reality is that is isn’t.  Too many people are out there trying to do pure flash game and doing all this crazy shit in malls and getting arrested by mall cops.  What I am trying to get at is that you have to connect with the girl.  Its not just about being funny and in the moment.  Yes, that’s always needed, but if you run pure attraction and flash game, you won’t get very far.  Most you get is usually just makeouts.  Unless shes just down, most girls will not go past makeouts if you do just pure attraction.

Here are some other pictures I took at Paradiso.  I know, I should teach photography too.  Haha.