Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Get Punched in the Nuts

Yeah, drunks Asian girls... -_-; You want to know my game? Its screaming "Hey!" every 5 seconds lolol! They are so damn ADHD that they have the attention span of a squirrel. Another thing I do is misinterpret or force frame the girl for hitting on me or making sexual advances. This time her hands glide near my nether regions accidentally and I call her out for stroking me. She denies that accusation and back hand slaps me in the gonad!!! What an evil woman. I took that opportunity to excert my kino dominance and grab her...

Great Latina Set: Who’s Paying?

I'm going to put up the audio for this later. It was a great night. Saw her and opened her while she was in a 4 set sitting down. I played everything right. Frame controlled her and asked her if she was independent or if she had to stay by her friends the whole time. She said she was independent so I isolated her. Then I isolated her again to the fire pit. In the middle somewhere she had to go to the bathroom, it was a good reason to number close her since I told her if she got lost, I can find her again. She easily complies. Some how I talked about food and she got excited about this burger place because apparently in LA there was a really good burger joint too...

Coming Full Circle: An Important Realization

Today I went to a day 2 that ended with a lay.  Whats interesting was that I didn't talk a lot about myself.  I barely mentioned anything about me.  Almost everything I said was in the form of questioning or relating.

Its funny when you start out, the first rule any PUA would tell you is to not ask so many damn questions and not to train stack your damn questions.  After a few months, your verbals improve, and you sort of go to the other extreme.  You become more like a self absorbed asshole who seems to be only into yourself and the girls don't connect with that.  This is great for the attraction phase but it almost kills you during comfort/rapport phase...

Persistence is Key! Here’s an Example…

I met this girl in San Diego.  It was her birthday.  The vibe was warm but not great... I isolated her but she then kept trying to look for her friend.  I got her number by saying "give me your number so I can text you in case you get lost".  She told me to give her mine and I declined and instead I took her phone, put my number in and called myself.

One of the cool tricks I do is to call the girl on the spot and have a role play conversation.  In this case, I called her and pretended I was actually calling my mom and how I met a Bolivian girl who wants to invite me over for dinner and cook for me.

Anyways, she eventually finds her friend, they were two high energy Black chicks. I was like oh hell no, this is my first set of the night, there was no way I can match her friends energy level.  Plus her friends are going to be all over her trying to get her drunk. I didn't think I could pull so I just ejected since I got her number anyways.  As I was leaving, I said "We'll hang out later" and she was like "Maybe, I dunno, we'll see".   Pfffff.

The Past is Past; Looking Forward to the Future

So its been 1.5 years in since I left my keyboard jockey phase.  I don't really feel like telling my whole life story again.  God damn I was a newb back then.  You can always refer back to my old videos.

Right now, I'd rather just post my day/weekend experiences and random thoughts that come to my head.  Sometimes, I'll say something really witty in the field or maybe I figure out some new logistical trick.  I'll post those epiphany moments here.

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