Ecstasy and Gaming

Ecstasy and Gaming

Disclaimer:  Ecstasy is an illegal drug.  It may have negative effects on the user.  I am not recommending anybody to use it.  I don’t have any and I don’t know where to get it.  The information is from what I have
gathered and I am simply sharing it.

Being a fan of both Electronic Dance Music and Pickup, I am exposed to people who have used this drug.  It is something very common in the rave culture.  Using too much of this can probably end up making you into an e-tard.

Basically the reason the drug is used is because it puts a person into a state of euphoria.  It heightens sense, including visual, auditory, and touch.   Lights seem to dance across your eyes, the sounds of music vibrate against you stronger, and any type of touching feels really good.  Massive amounts of neurotransmitters and dumped and you are in a very good mood.

You might ask why are you making a topic about this, isn’t this a PUA blog?  This impacts Pickup in an interesting way in that it impacts Approach Anxiety / Bitch Butterfly / Inner Game.  This drug appears to put the user at peak inner game with very minimal approach anxiety essentially through the entire night.  Negative comments from sets will tend to not affect you.  Nothing a girl says can touch you; it is as if you have a bubble of shield protecting you.  Kino practice is likely to improve as you will most likely increase the level of kino under its effects.  The drug does not impact memory as everything in the night can be recalled.  As with most drugs, the mental state most likely can not be recreated naturally. Because the memory is retained the reference experience gained.  Hopefully in future sets and nights you can attempt to recreate this inner game zen-like state naturally and sober.

Another affect is the ability to connect with another person.   For PU beginners, many have problems connecting others and showing interest.  The drug allows you to become very deep with another person and massive rapport and comfort is built.  As stated before, the sense of touch is heightened.  This is also amplified during sex.  However, for many guys, ecstasy causes difficulty in maintaining erection and thus, Viagra is needed.  It also becomes difficult climax thus, the sex becomes many hours long which includes endless breaks involving touching and deep conversations.

The downside?  It probably causes holes in your brain over prolonged use, it causes massive dry mouth, lots of lethargy and lack of motivation the next 1 – 2 days, and for some, a slight depression as dopamine neurotransmitters are depleted.  And of course its illegal.  Plenty of stuff is on the web and there is a Wikipedia section.

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